Magee Middle School

School Photos - Odyssey of the Mind Celebration
Magee celebrates 21 years of Odyssey of the Mind, with special guests including some of the students who have been on Odyssey teams since 2004.
A girl with dark hair and a black shirt and pants looks back at photos and trophies from years past of Odyssey of the Mind
A student and teacher in blue shirts look at a bright pink contraption
A group of students stand in front of a science lab backdrop
Magee's principal stands in front of the audience
Three staff members look through a binder of photos from previous years of Odyssey of the Mind
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All schools and District offices are closed.
7/23/2024 - 7/26/2024
New teachers and principals report to their school.
7/29/2024 - 7/31/2024
Teachers report to their school.
Magee Information
Mission and Vision
What Makes Magee Unique

Magee is an academically focused school with high expectations and a challenging and supportive environment.

Magee’s opportunities include all things STEAM (Science, Technology, Art, and Math). In our electives department, we offer Art, Computer Science (coding, Minecraft, and Esports), PE, and AVID. We also offer grade-level and advanced coursework in Math and Science, including Algebra.

To encourage our students to be more involved and part of our campus community, we offer quite a few clubs and sports for them to participate in. Our most notable club is Odyssey of the Mind. This award-winning program challenges students to come up with creative solutions to designated problems developing their skills in problem solving, critical thinking and teamwork. Teams from Magee have won the Arizona State Championship for over 20 years and have placed 1st in the World Championships.

Magee hosts a comprehensive, free after school tutoring and enrichment program. The 21st Century program offers tutoring, Minecraft Club, Esports Club, cooking classes, football and cheerleading and many other choices. Tutoring is also provided for all participants. Participants get a chance to stay active on the Magee campus up until 5PM daily.