School Photos - Odyssey of the Mind Celebration
Magee celebrates 21 years of Odyssey of the Mind, with special guests including some of the students who have been on Odyssey teams since 2004.
A girl with dark hair and a black shirt and pants looks back at photos and trophies from years past of Odyssey of the Mind
A student and teacher in blue shirts look at a bright pink contraption
A group of students stand in front of a science lab backdrop
Magee's principal stands in front of the audience
Three staff members look through a binder of photos from previous years of Odyssey of the Mind
School Photos - Opening day at our school
We're number one!
Our team is ready to serve students today!
Food services staff prepare fruit cups for opening breakfast on Aug 3,2023.
We're smiling to see students back at school.
No storms will hold us back!