Minecraft Education Edition

What is Minecraft: Education Edition?
Minecraft: Education Edition allows teachers to engage students into a game world where they can focus on STEM related subjects, including chemistry and coding. Minecraft has allowed teachers and students to come together within a teacher-controlled learning environment. 
Program Description
Minecraft is an Advanced Technology  class at Magee.  7th and 8th grade students who have previously passed a Technology class are allowed to apply to be in the Minecraft class with teacher approval.

Learn how to code with Code Builder, which connects to MakeCode, Tynker and Python notebooks
Build an in-game periodic table with the Chemistry Resource Pack
Explore more than 300 amazing Minecraft worlds to learn about marine biology, Social & Emotional Learning (SEL), Equity and Inclusion, ancient history, space exploration and more
Features like the camera, book and quill and chalkboards help students document their work, including saving photos as items within the inventory
3D export tool integrates with mixed reality and 3D printing tools
Recently updated to include mobs and blocks from the Nether and Caves & Cliffs, Part 1
Updated Structure Block options to “load” and “save” structures for reusing builds in other places or different worlds