Program Description
How Does OMA Work?
A collaborative agreement among the school's principal, classroom teachers, and  the resident Arts Integration Specialist (AIS) makes learning a creative adventure. fine arts integrated instruction enhances the teaching of  essential academic standards. Opening Minds througth the Arts exsists not as a traditional separation of arts and the standards, but as an imaginative illumination of the learning, which integrates all the best aspects of education.
Our OMA Arts Integration Specialist (AIS)
Meet Ms Anaya, OMA Arts Integration Specialist
Nancy Anaya is  a native Tucsonan and proud to be a product of TUSD and the University of Arizona. She is highly qualified in theater education and K-8. Nancy was recognized by the U of A as Theater Teacher  of the year after having the opportunity to mentor numerous studen teachers.She is thrilled to the the opportunity to integrate OMA at Magee Middle School.